Media Group - Germany's leading consolidator with 25 years experience

The Media Group, a group of 4 different companies:

  • MD Media Publishing GmbH
  • Media Press Selection GmbH
  • Allmara GmbH / Magazineshoppen GmbH
  • Media Distribution Costa Blanca S.L.

Media Group is a quality driven, customer focused, distribution logistics provider. Media is specialized in national and international distribution of magazines and parcels using well known national and international delivery partners (Deutsche Post, DHL, DPD, Hermes, etc.).

Media offers the full range of services from fulfilment, data management to return management. With more than 28 years of expert knowledge in the delivery of magazine subscriptions, Media is one of the most experienced Mail and Delivery Service in Germany.

Media has established itself as a reliable partner for deliveries of publications, parcels, DM Mailings, etc. with the advantage of having its own warehouse for fulfillment and lettershop activities.

Media can help you to reduce your costs for postage, fulfilment, etc. and can offer a priority service at the most competitive rates. Simple and easy, Media Group is your partner in and from Germany! Talk to us for an individual quote….

The Media Group offers the customers a comprehensive selection of different shipping products:

  • Tracked and untracked parcels up to 2kg worldwide
  • Tracked parcels up to 31kg
  • Tracked national parcels up to 1kg
  • Worldwide books and goods delivery
  • Priority and economy distribution
  • Data collection and product optimization
  • Customer access to the Media Shipment Client
  • Track and Trace
  • Customer complaint processing
  • After shipping with shipment tracking
  • Customized label creation
  • API connection to the respective customer system
  • Individual barcode creation

The Media Group is your partner for ecommerce in and from Germany! Talk to us for an personal quote….

National distribution with our partner Deutsche Post:

  • Any publication with a max. weight of 1.000g
  • Mixed titles
  • 24h delivery for daily and weekly titles
  • 48h delivery for weekly and monthly titles
  • No minimum circulation
  • Special conditions for higher volume periodicals

Our service covers the entire processing of your goods. In accordance with the regulations for press mail, we can package, address, frank and produce zipcode optimized bundles.

With 98% guaranteed delivery quality within 24 hours in the high-speed network and 48 hours in the standard network of Deutsche Post, the product press post offers outstanding delivery quality.

Deutsche Post collects twice a day the finished delivery quantity from the Media Group at different times. These are immediately fed to the delivery channels and guarantee an optimal delivery time.

Media processes all customer goods usually within 24 hours

The Media Group is your experienced partner for publication service in Germany! Talk to us for an individual quote….
International Distribution

Alternative Distribution

The alternative network of MSC is divided into multiple levels:

Products for the alternative delivery services will be recorded through the own Media Shipment Client and then labeled to the respective delivery partners individually and sorted by regional areas.

In the next step the goods are distributed to 250 outlets.

  • Delivery within Germany
  • 100% coverage of over 35 postal codes with our partner Deutsche Post
  • Regional registration, sorting and delivery
  • Central optimization for regional delivery
  • Postage-optimized product feed
  • Guaranteed delivery quality
  • Returns handling
The Media Group specializes in the development of international shipments and offers its customers and shipping partners an ideal supplement to international postal companies with its alternative products.
The Media Group shows you the best way of delivery in Germany! Talk to us for an individual quote….